profile and attributes




  1. A professor of theory and practice
  2. A professor of veritable achievements
  3. A professor that makes things happen
  4. A professor, result oriented man of the people
  5. A professor, an employer of labor
  6. A professor, whose works speak volumes
  7. A professor, a household name at home and beyond
  8. A professor of enduring legacy
  9. A professor with national honours and justice of peace
  10. A professor of honour and service to humanity
  11. A professor, an achiever and goal getter
  12. A professor of first class honours and distinction
  13. A professor, an inventor and motivator
  14. A professor of multifarious talents
  15. A professor who sees tomorrow today
  16. A professor with six eyes around the head
  17. A professor who translates pedagogy into reality
  18. A professor that is a gift to mankind
  19. A professor, a visionary, a living legend
  20. A professor, dynamic and creative
  21. A professor of good leadership
  22. A professor of integrity and sincerity
  23. A professor of national character
  24. A professor with boundless energy
  25. A professor that adds value to anything he touches
  26. A professor, patriot, a sculptor
  27. A professor, a role model and avant-garde
  28. A professor, a professional and exceptional
  29. A professor, tested and trusted
  30. A professor, living ahead of time
  31. A professor, giving life a new meaning
  32. A professor, compendium of ideas
  33. A professor, a living testimony of hard work
  34. A professor, of unlimited poetic license
  35. A professor, an ambassador of culture
  36. A professor, an inspiration to a generation
  37. A professor, positive and proactive
  38. A professor, of sight and sound
  39. A professor, of creativity and originality
  40. A professor, a celebrity of longstanding ovation
  41. A professor forever even after death
  42. A professor of productivity and professionalism
  43. A professor, accessible and reliable
  44. A professor of courage and mileage
  45. A professor of initiative and ability
  46. A professor of competence and credence
  47. A professor of reality and sagacity
  48. A professor of great esteem and dream
  49. A professor, a coordinator and benefactor
  50. A professor, focused and sure
  51. A professor, sensitive and esoteric
  52. A professor, straight to the point
  53. A professor of past and modern lifestyle
  54. A professor, mentor, victor the conqueror
  55. A professor of positive and practical propensities
  56. A professor, a driving force of vision and mission
  57. A professor, an excellent model of modus operandi
  58. A professor, of thoughts larger than life
  59. A professor, a source for various developments
  60. A professor, a phenomenon, an icon
  61. A professor, intelligent and prominent
  62. A professor with motion and action
  63. A professor of physical, mental and spiritual energy
  64. A professor, telepathic with uncommon revelation
  65. A professor of quality and extraordinary gift
  66.  A professor, sure, pure and thorough
  67. A professor, evergreen yesterday, today and tomorrow
  68. A professor, author of 500 works of music
  69. A professor, of timeless and infinite legacy
  70. A professor, doctor of letters (Uniben) causa
  71. A professor, Nigerian academy of letters, causa
  72. A professor, a pioneer Hon commissioner in Nigeria
  73. A professor, passionate and affectionate about creativity
  74. A professor of strategy and synergy
  75. A professor for freedom and wisdom
  76. A professor of conscience and confidence
  77. A professor, relevant today, relevant tomorrow
  78. A professor, a positive thinker with positive answer
  79. A professor of standing ovation, upstanding and outstanding
  80. A professor of faith and grace
  81. A professor, the library of a heritage
  82. A professor of all strata of the society
  83. A professor of skill and precision
  84. A professor, member, performing Right Society, London
  85. A professor, Trusted, Copyright Society of Nigeria
  86. A professor, President, Revelation Tourist Palazzo, Nigeria
  87. Chairman, Ceremonials and Awards Committee (NUGA) Nigerian University Games 2010
  88. Chairman, Cultural Activities Committee, University of Benin, for 7 consecutive years 2006-2013
  89. Lecturer, Fine and Applied Art, University of Benin, Nigeria
  90. Maestro, Performing band, for President Goodluck Jonathan Inaugural Ball, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Nigeria, 2011
  91. President, Superstars and Elders Forum, Edo State, Nigeria
  92. Member, Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England
  93. Member, Advisory Committee, American Heritage University of Southern California, USA
  94. Patron of many organizations, NGO’s and other bodies
  95.  An institution and reference point for diverse research
  96. An intellectual, experienced, consistent and intelligent
  97. A maestro, listed in the groove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (worldwide) 1983 edition
  98. A professor, a man of many possibilities
  99. A professor of inspired ideas and concepts
  100.  A professor, a pace setter and goal getter
  101.  Curator of many works of Visual Art on permanent exhibition in the Revelation Tourist Palazzo, Benin City, Nigeria
  102.  President, Joromi Multi track and Digital Recoding Studio, Benin City, Nigeria
  103.  A Maestro, a celebrity of more than 50 years on stage
  104.  Honours Awards Recipient: Rotary International
  105.  Maestro the sports man, athlete, and High School High Jump Record Holder 1959, unbroken till date
  106.  A professor, Maestro, Virtuoso, Sculptor, Architect, Inventor, Engineer, Poet and Philosopher
  107.  A professor, mirror of the masses and fans in diaspora       
  108.  The first University of Benin Academic Staff and Alumnus ever honoured with a Doctorate degree (causa) while still serving as lecturer in the same university – 2009
  109.  Mentor, inventor of Revolving Magic guitar, spinning 360⁰ at the speed of sound
  110.  A man full of dreams and fully committed to creativity
  111.  Professor (Sir) Victor Uwaifo, a pathfinder, a professional an icon, a national treasure